Earn money with your FIDS

19 juli 2018

At regional airports Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) today are mostly used for what you expect them to do, display flight information. But your FIDS could be so much more and have an enormous potential. If you utilize that potential, you can even make money off them.

A FIDS solution can sometimes represent a hefty financial investment for a regional airport, but the cost can be offset by its income potential. Instead of looking at FIDS as just a way to inform passengers about their flights, you must look at them as a digital signing system that also displays flight information.

Improve commercial dwell time

From a commercial perspective, airports are in the enviable position of having a captive shopping audience. But just because passengers are trapped in an airport does not guarantee they will actually spend money, they need the opportunity and the right state of mind. Research published by ACI (Airports Council International)has shown that 47% of a passenger’s dwell time is wasted by queuing, waiting, watching and orientation. Using your FIDS as a digital signage solution for way finding, real time passenger and flight information will cut down the waste of time and make passengers happy and thereby increasing non-aeronautical revenues


Strategic partnerships with local business is a direct way to see some revenue. The idea is simple; you advertise their products and services on your screens, and they pay you for the exposure. Thanks to our AirSignage solution, charging for advertising exposure on your signs is straightforward. You could even outsource everything to an advertising agency while remaining in control of your FIDS.

Drive concession revenues

With the data driven solution of Adecs Airinfra it is possible to offer targeted information for the actual audience, situation, time and place. With these solutions, you can use the FIDS to show not only the exact delay, but also give extra information or, as mentioned, show an advertisement. Like letting passengers know that there is a concession stand close by, where they can get a cup of coffee to ease the wait. Because you can direct them to the nearest one – telling precisely how long they have to walk, you can tell passengers they have enough time to buy a cup of coffee and still be in time to board their flight.

This has multiple advantages: your passengers can do something to make the waiting time go faster and thus improve their experience, you can increase your non-aeronautical revenues, by increasing traffic to the concession stands and you prevent further delays at boarding. FIDS make money this way.

Improve branding

 AirSignage also allows for the integration with social media, letting you include messages that encourage passengers to actively interact with what you offer them, and with your organization. Ask them to leave reviews on websites or social media pages, take pictures and share them, invite others to participate etc. If they like what you do, and how you do it, they will become advocates for you.

Cut down on IT cost

A good digital signage solution can replace multiple systems which cuts costs. It can replace a dedicated FIDS, PIDS, digital advertisement, staff information, emergency broadcasting system and many others. This will cut down on your overall IT cost but can also create synergy that would not be possible in another way.

Investing in FIDS is always a tough question. Thanks to the solutions of Adecs Airinfra, you can let your FIDS earn money, making the return of investments on these systems more interesting. If you want to know how FIDS can earn money for your airport, do not hesitate to contact us.

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