Regional airports are the key!

14 mei 2018

With the number of flights still increasing, international hubs reaching their grow limits and new airlines and business models emerging, the role of regional airports is becoming ever so important. To maximise their potential, and offer passengers the best travel experience, airports need to streamline operations as much as possible.

Regional airports are only attractive to LCC’s and charter companies if the circumstances are optimal: High passenger load factors, low costs, swift operations and strong on-time performances. If airport operations are not streamlined, airlines will easily switch to another airport.


At the same time, liberalisation and deregulation of the airport industry have led to increased competition between airports. Airline structures have changed in such a way that the competition is no longer exclusively between single carriers, but also between air traffic systems and their airports. This has an enormous effect on airport operations, with now more partners working together and relying on accurate data to keep operations going. If just one part is off, it could lead to major disruptions and possibly performance penalties.

New environment

In order to stay ahead in this new environment, airports have to do something. Improving collaboration between the different partners on the airport is one step, but making better use of resources, especially real time data and passenger-related information from all partners, let airports be even more efficient, flexible and punctual, which improves passengers’ satisfaction. Airport managers have a key role in this, but they rely on accurate information from all parties.

IT solutions

An A-CDM compliant Airport Operational Database (AODB) management system streamlines these operations. Without a good AODB management system, sharing information between partners and making operational decisions is almost impossible. For over 15 years, Adecs Airinfra has been developing innovative, modular web-based IT solutions specifically for regional airports to increase their operational efficiency. The solutions host, manage and disseminate flight and passenger-related information which can be shared with all partners on the airport, improving situational awareness, help decision-making and streamline operations.

Key role

The aviation industry will keep changing in the coming years, which means regional airports will become even more important. In order to keep up with the demands and ensure passengers will have the best travel experience on the airport, operational efficiency has to be optimal. It is the only way for airports to keep playing that key role.

From now on we will post regularly about trends and developments in airport operations, environmental impact, regulations concerning regional airports and the technological solutions that drive them.

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