Technology is just the beginning

4 februari 2019

Over the last few years, technology has really taken off and regional airports are contemplating about implementing these new technologies. Off course that is something to applaud, but we have seen numerous times that the focus lies solely on the technology itself. The danger in that, is that airports choose for a radical overhaul of their systems or even introducing completely new systems – just because they promise enormous improvements.

New technology can offer a lot, but if it doesn’t match with the goals of an airport, the ability to support the implementation or the willingness to adapt, it can become very costly or even fail. We have seen this with potential clients; the requested technology overshoots the ambitions of the airport and therefore becomes almost unaffordable, or the technology is too advanced or is not adopted correctly and the technology is underutilised and never reaches its full potential.

Movement does not always equal progress

To fully benefit from innovation, we feel you should follow certain steps before going all-in on the technology. The first step is having a vision. Where will the airport be in 5, 10 or 15 years? And what do I need for that? Not just in terms of the technology, but also in terms of processes and the willingness and capability of people and partners to innovate. Once you have a clear view of that, you should look for the tools and systems that can accommodate that vision. Searching and implementing the newest technologies, only to try and match the process to it afterwards, will most likely not bring the progress you are looking for.

It might turn out that a complete overhaul of systems is necessary to reach that vision, but it is also possible that starting with just one thing can be enough at first, not involving technology at all! That is why it is extremely important to not stop after implementation. In fact, that is only the beginning. Once the technology is in place, you should keep evaluating its implementation and the processes you use. After implementation of our solutions, Adecs will perform a yearly site visit, so that together with our clients we can determine if the solutions are working successfully within the process or if adjustments of any kind are required.

Innovation is not finite, it requires continues improvement of both the technology and the processes, in order to get to your goals. Innovating and using the newest technology just to be innovative, will not do that. It might cost you even more.

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