Variable taxi times at regional airports

2 maart 2020

For the past six months, our intern Jeffrey worked with us on a project researching variable taxi times at regional airports to find out how this could improve the ground movement processes at airports. Below is a snapshot of his research, the results and his experiences during his internship at Adecs AirSystems.


My name is Jeffrey Heijmenberg and I am currently studying aeronautical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Inholland. From September 2019 until January 2020, I did an internship at Adecs AirSystems, a company which turns out to have the same level of passion for aviation as I do. During my internship at Adecs AirSystems, I conducted a research study on variable taxi times for regional airports. This concept has brought improvements to the ground movement processes of aircraft at large hub airports, but could this also be achieved at regional airports?

Problem statement

Regional airports are expanding operations that effect the efficiency of airports. This research focusses on simulating variable taxi times at regional airports and the improvements it can bring to the efficiency of an airport. The research includes online literature, combined with the possibilities of using AirLink. AirLink can be the perfect addition for researching variable taxi times, as it provides a lot of information through its database. Afterall, the research has the same aim as AirLink: improving efficiency, decision-making and collaboration between airport partners. Nevertheless, the main question remains: are variable taxi times a viable solution for improving ground movement processes at regional airports?


The output of my research is an algorithm that determines the runway usage based on weather predictions such as wind direction and force. Using a model of the airport layout it can derive accurate taxi times. This results in a better forecast of estimated in-block times and airborne times. This could help agile airports during peak hours when resources are limited. It has the potential to create cost savings but only if the airport has capacity issues and significant variance in taxi durations.

Personal experience

My personal experience during this internship was great. I learned a lot about the team and how they cooperate to improve their products every single day. I learned how it is to be a team member for a longer period at a company. And last but not least, I further developed my personal knowledge and interest on aviation!

Interested in doing an internship at Adecs AirSystems like Jeffrey did? Do not hesitate to contact us and let’s discuss the possibilities and ideas!

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