Automated movement registration system

In order to accurately register all aircraft movements at an airport, much is often still recorded by hand. Now that aircraft are equipped with mode-s transponders AirFee can significantly reduce the workload.

With the help of a receiver, AirFee can receive and process transponder signals of aircraft in the vicinity of an airport.
Aircraft are identified and their movement type and time is automatically registered through the use of an advanced algorithm.

AirFee then couples the data to the administration of the airport where, for example, financial transactions can take place.
In addition to this you have access to the flown height profile of all aircraft. For aircraft equipped with ADSB you will also be able to see the flown tracks.

AirFee can save you money by reducing the number of labour intensive tasks and additionally through the reduction of administration errors.

Key features

As each movement is tracked, analysed and stored you will always have a complete and transparant administration .
Not every flight detail can be obtained from the transponder data. AirFee is optimised to easily add additional information such as for example the pilot's name.