Adecs Airinfra offers over 15 years of experience in consultancy and IT solutions to support airports with their development and improve airport efficiency. Our clients are government agencies and international airports.

"Creating sustainable value for regional airports with care for people and environment."

Peter Frankena, Managing Director

Airport IT

Adecs Airinfra IT solutions are designed to improve the efficiency and the sustainable use of airports. Our products are developed in close cooperation with clients. We take advantage of our years of experience and our extensive knowledge of what is taking place around airports and in the aviation industry.

Airport Consultancy

As airport consultants it is our ambition to support airports in seizing opportunities and in solving problems. We provide solutions that serve both, airports and their surroundings.

Areas of expertise
Environment The environment is an important aspect in the development of an airport. We can determine the environmental impact of these developments and report them in for instance environmental impact assessments. We are specialised in the calculation of noise load, third party risk and local air quality around airports.
Capacity & planning Make optimum use of the available space in the terminal, the runway or proper planning of the stands and gates? Or looking for a good resource planning at the airport? With our advanced tools, we provide the desired solution!
Legislation Safety is the most import issue in aviation. To insure safe operations many rules and standards must be met. We are specialists of many of these rules, particularly in ICAO Annex 14 (Aerodrome design and operations), Dutch legislation and wind turbines near airports.
Project management Airport developments or environmental impact assessments are complex and long-term projects. We are specialised in bringing such projects to a good result within planning.
Air Traffic Management Environmental and air traffic management are becoming increasingly interconnected. Where before departure routes were designed exclusively from safety issues nowadays environmental considerations play an important role. We have extensive experience in the (re) design of air routes and implementation.
Training We like to share our knowledge with our customers and help you to increase your knowledge and experience. We can therefore provide customised trainings to help you or your staff with your aviation related activities.

Our team

We’re a team of makers, thinkers, explorers and creators but most of all aviation enthusiasts. Meet a few of us!


Adecs Airinfra will work together with every partner of your choosing. You have not yet a personal preference or want help with your choice? Then we would like to introduce you to one of our partners, each of which excel in their field of expertise.


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