Common Operating Picture

AirMap is an airport visualisation platform which supports airport operators to face one of the biggest challenges in a dynamic environment: keeping track of what is happening and where it is happening. AirMap displays all relevant information on an interactive map of the airport and its surroundings, providing an instant overview of the situation. AirMap can be used by multiple users, like operations, fire brigade, security, customs or handling services, simultaneously.
Information can easily be added, updated or deleted by any user. All information is instantly shared with other AirMap clients, providing stakeholders instant access to information from the moment it is entered. The resulting "Common Operating Picture" (COP) will help your airport staff to improve their situational awareness, resulting in better decision making; improving safety and saving your airport money by improving the overall efficiency.

Key features

For ages, people have been using visual representations of data to comprehend and analyse information. Visual encoding of data exploits humans' highly developed perceptual abilities to decrease the cognitive load associated with complex data analysis.

The brain also processes visual information 60,000 times faster than textual information, allowing for not only better but also faster decision making.
AirMap can be used as a stand-alone system but its architecture also allows for easy integration into an airport's existing airport system architecture. It provides an interface for the collection of information and facilitates the connection to external applications.

AirMap integrates everything you must keep track of, however disparate, onto a single screen.
AirMap is touch-optimised, that is, designed for touch screen interaction while maintaining full compatibility with any normal Windows PC. Touch screen technology creates a simpler and more intuitive interaction.

The application lets you write, interact with the map and view or update information by tap and drag  right on screen, using nothing but your fingers.
Most traditional COP solutions are web-only applications that leave you with nothing when the internet connection is lost.

Even in case of a network outage, AirMap will remain operational therefore enabling staff to manage any situation. After network recovery AirMap clients will automatically synchronise to re-establish a common operating picture based on the latest available information.
AirMap can be easily maintained and customised without the need for software developers or a system administrator. Using the settings menu, an authorised user can import an own custom airport map or define custom map symbols and categories.

Any update to one client is automatically committed to all other clients in the network.