FIDS Control System

AirSignage: one FIDS solution that combines your flight information with any targeted content for every imaginable display situation at your airport.

Using FIDS as a stand-alone communication system has become a growing demand from many airports around the world. We understand flight information is the most important information at an airport, at the same time we realise that displaying advertising, wayfinding, evacuation messages and other relevant passenger information is also crucial in an airport environment.

Airports are visited by thousands of people, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Every airport has the same goal; how to get these people in and out as efficiently as possible, with the ease and travel experience of the passengers as key priorities.
Flawless and mission critical communication lies at the base of reaching this goal. So what if you could use digital screens to communicate what you want, when you want it, in any area of the airport? All over the entire airport, all powered by one single software solution? With AirSignage all of this is possible.

The solution is powered by PADS4, digital signage software that connects seamlessly with your existing systems. PADS4 enables you to set up a fully automated and rule-based situation driven communication system. Create and maintain your own smart airport signage solution, only limited by your imagination.

Key features

Four screens or a few thousand screens? Size does not matter, add additional screens when you need it. You will always obtain a competitively priced solution that fits to your current needs and is ready for your growth.
Some clients use AirSignage as a deliberated step in their airport development plan towards a total airport system. AirSignage may be integrated in our Airport Information and Management System AirLink.