Due to the Paris agreement governments, industries and consumers show increasing responsibility for reducing CO2 emissions. The aviation sector as a responsible industry will have to elevate her ambitions. An increasing number of airport managers are taking responsibility and Adecs Airinfra feels the need to support the aviation sector.

Airports have similarities but are also unique organizations. We believe in customized solutions based on a general approach. Together with Arcadis we have developed an approach which has a seamless connection with the international recognized program ‘Airport Carbon Accreditation’. Our approach, based on the four certification phases, is summarized below:

1. Carbon Impact Analysis: the carbon footprint will be calculated, resulting in an overview of the emissions from airport and airport-related activities. The CO2-impact report of the airport is presented in a compact and understandable report. This gives the airport insight where to prioritize in reducing the CO2- emissions.

2. Achieving carbon reduction: together with the key persons from your organization and our experts we define a carbon reduction plan with cost efficient and practical measurements that will lead to achieving your carbon reduction goals. Important to be recognized as a trusted airport, which will increase shareholder value, improve your brand reputation and strengthen the stakeholder support. Finally, good reduction plans also result in relevant cost savings.

3. Motivate others: going sustainable is a group effort. As an airport you can use your buying power and dependency to influence, or better inspire, third parties to reduce CO2- emissions together. We know that looking beyond your own organization open up lots of new opportunities not only leading to reduction of CO2 emissions, but often also cost efficiency!

4. Compensating emissions: the emissions that cannot be reduced in a cost efficient way are compensated elsewhere. This is called carbon offsetting and results in a zero emission airport.

Arcadis and Adecs Airinfra have combined their strengths in order to support airports in the best way towards a sustainable future. Arcadis had an impressive track record in making carbon footprints, implementing pragmatic energy management systems, energy reduction plans and energy efficiency programs for many clients within the aviation sector and also outside the sector. The lessons learned can now be combined with the airport IT and airport consulting experience of Adecs Airinfra. In order to improve the energy efficiency and to reduce the carbon footprint, a good understanding of all the processes at and around an airport is the key. Adecs Airinfra has this key knowhow and therefore together we can make the difference.

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Key features

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