Airport sustainability

In response to society’s increasing awareness that (fossil) resources are finite and that our climate is changing, the aviation sector has recognised that it must take action on mitigating the impacts it has on the environment and focus on becoming more sustainable.

As a result, a sustainable way of operating an airport is becoming more and more important. That is why Adecs Airinfra Consultants together with engineering and consulting company Arcadis support airports towards a sustainable future.

Airports have their own sustainability objectives and there are many ways to achieve them. We could help to reduce the airport’s carbon footprint by developing the airport’s own strategy while saving relevant costs and reduce environmental impacts over time.

By understanding the airport’s operation processes and using our working experience, we will help to find a unique balanced approach between optimising the airport’s capacity and minimising the airport’s environmental impact.


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Key services

The airport’s CO2 emissions are being analysed by calculating the carbon footprint. The results are used to determine the airport’s current impact on the environment. This will enable us together with the airport to develop an energy reduction plan and identify priority areas for CO2 reduction.

We can support airports that want to achieve the levels of certification of the ACI’s Airport Carbon Accreditation Program: mapping, reduction, optimisation and neutrality of the airport’s CO2 emissions . Together with the airport our goal is to improve emissions performance in a cost effective manner.

Airports do not only have a global impact, but they also have a local impact on the environment and the social and economic life of the surrounding communities. We can support the development of a sustainability plan with guidelines to protect the quality of life for the communities around the airport.

Reducing the environmental impact means using energy supplies in an efficient way like reducing electricity consumption and using renewable energy sources. We support airports in the development of an energy efficiency plan.