Airport and environment

Environmental issues play an important role in the development of an airport. Airport growth often results in an increased pressure on the airport surroundings. The most prominent issue is the noise load, but local air quality and third party risk are significant environmental aspects as well.

We help airports to develop within their environmental constraints by identifying their environmental problems. Optimisations to utilise the available environmental space and to provide advice to really make maximum use of capacity are important aspects of our consultancy services.

Land use planning is the key to achieve a good balance between the airport and its surroundings. In our opinion, balanced spatial planning is an essential condition for the optimum use of an airport, both in economic and environmental terms.

Our services typically include conducting environmental impact assessments studies around airports plus specific researches on noise management, air quality, third party risk and mitigations. Last but not least, we offer training services to give you insight into the impact of airport operations and how to manage them.


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Key services

The aviation industry faces an increasing importance of environmental impact. Along the years, we have gained great expertise in conducting environmental impact assessments, supporting our clients in stakeholder management, noise management, air quality assessments, calculating the third party risks and optimising environmental impact through mitigation with a balanced approach.

Aviation noise exposure has become a sensitive topic and is becoming more and more important on a global scale. Aviation noise nuisance has a significant impact on airport operations as well as communities’ health. The more reason to search for a balanced approach in today’s dynamic and everchanging market. We can assist you on solving these challenges with the specialised tools and expertise like AEDT/INM or ECAC Doc29.

Air pollution represents a major public health challenge and therefore all EU states have committed to air quality standards. Hence important to become compliant. We assist on aircraft particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5) and nitrogen (NOx) emission calculations at and around airports as well as conducting local air quality studies. We have the knowledge and the tools to provide realistic solutions that meet both needs and legal requirements.

Third party risk for airports contains the risk of airport operations to the population outside airport grounds. This zone or contour imposes planning restrictions in order to limit the number of people exposed. While it has been a legal requirement for over a decade in the Netherlands, it has not been put in motion by the European Union yet. We have great expertise in defining these safety zones and assisting on policy matters around airports.

Together with our clients, we aim to minimise every negative environmental impact through mitigations and optimisations for (runway) operations. As per EU Regulation No. 598/2014, based on ICAO’s Balanced Approach, we aim to reduce noise annoyance around airports in a procedural manner with all stakeholders’ interests in mind. In combination with our expertise on flight procedure design, we can develop optimised routes around airports.

As the market leader in the Netherlands regarding environmental impact assessments around regional airports, we have provided our expertise and assistance to airports, governments, airlines and air navigation service providers. Are you interested in learning about the airport and its environment and/or to focus on a specific topic? We are happy to help and provide you a customised training you need!